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Help! I Want To Lose Weight But I Have No Idea How!

Not knowing where to start on a weight loss journey is an extremely common thing. There’s so many different programs, diets, workouts, coaches ect out there. So much of this information is conflicting. Some may not even be logical. If you are anything like me you have spent years yo-yo dieting. Even though you have done so many different things and even done your own research you still have no idea how to start. That’s ok. Let’s talk about a few small steps you can take completely on your own to get yourself started.

Results that last a lifetime are not built on 6 week programs, crash diets or weight loss pills. Results that last are built on behavior change. This means changing the things we do daily. Behavior change is extremely hard. If you attempt to overhaul your entire life in a week I will pretty much guarantee that you will fail. We start to change our life by changing one habit at a time. Over time these small changes in things we think are meaningless will add up. Personally, I recommend starting with the easy things and building upon each thing.

If you want to start losing weight right now here are three small habits to start focusing on.

  • Increase water intake. Water can play a huge role in weight loss. Studies have shown that 75% of adults in the United States are chronically dehydrated. Most of these people don’t even know they are dehydrated. I’m definitely not saying that you need to go from drinking only soda and coffee to consuming a gallon of water a day. I am saying to start by slowly increasing the amount of water you drink. If you are a person who drinks no water make your first goal to drink one 16oz bottle of water each day. Once that is a part of your daily routine increase it to two. Continue to do this. You will notice that you will feel better in so many ways. You will likely even notice that you are not feeling as hungry as normal. I personally carry a 40 oz cup of water everywhere I go and refill it at least 3 times a day. I add zero calorie flavor packets and syrups to make it fun. I also drink herbal teas, a cup of coffee and zero calorie soda.

  • Increase your daily steps. It’s proven that we burn more calories throughout the day just from activities of daily living than an hour in the gym. Getting 8,000-10,000 steps per day is an average of around 7 miles of walking. Some easy ways to add steps in are to be sure to get up and move every hour. If you have a sedentary job this is particularly important. Get up and move. Take some laps around the office or the house. Take short 5-10 minute walks before or after meals. Pace when you are on the telephone. Allow time in your lunch break to go for a walk. Take the stairs. Park far away. Again I’m not saying to drastically increase your activity overnight. Slowly add in more and more until you are consistently hitting your step goal.

  • Prioritize rest and recovery. This one is often overlooked even by experienced and successful dieters. I often have to remind myself to do this. Sufficient sleep is essential for maintaining optimal physical, mental and emotional health. Most studies show that adults should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Epidemiological and laboratory studies have consistently demonstrated that short sleep duration is a significant risk factor for weight gain and obesity. Circadian rhythmicity affects the weight loss process, and has therefore been suggested as a predictor of weight loss effectiveness. Long story short….Turn Netflix off a little early, put your phone down and have a distinct cut off time for work if possible to allow your body the time it needs to recover.

You can start implementing these three things into your life right now. Try starting with just one. Let me know how much better you start feeling.

Of course if you need further help implementing these three habits, reach out. I would love to help you reach your lifestyle goals!


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