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How to Diet Over the holidays

Everyone knows that the holidays are a difficult time to track food let alone diet.

The main thing to always remember is that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed. It’s one day, don’t hyper fixate on it. One day is not going to destroy all the hard work you're putting into your fitness journey. So enjoy it, spend time with your family, recharge and give back to yourself.

Here are some useful tips to maintain/keep the weight off during the holiday season.

1. Create a deficit leading up to Thanksgiving

  • decrease calories by 100 each day so you have a bolus of calories to use for that day

2. Focus on the veggies and protein

  • focus on making your plate predominantly veggies/protein to fill up and decrease cravings.

3. Drink plenty of fluids prior 15-20 minutes to eating

  • send the signal to your body that you are going to receive food

4. Exercise first thing in the morning to start your day off right

  • get a walk in, head to the gym, do whatever helps you start your day off right

5. Plan out your day and leave room for your main meals

  • Thanksgiving dinner

6. Make a sample platter

  • pick a small amount of food from each dish and get all the flavors you are looking for on a plate

7. Get back on your program the next day.

Drop your favorite Thanksgiving food in the comments!

If you need help getting started or making a plan to maintain throughout the entire holiday season book a consultation with one of us. We'd love to be of service to you!

-Stephanie & Ryan

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